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One way to make your course private is to make the enrollment page that users access through the login form private. To make this feature available to your students, you must enter a password or request access to the page. To do so, navigate to your course settings and click the gear icon at the top right corner. Click the ‘Private’ or ‘Public’ option to change the visibility of your course. To make it public, click on the ‘Public’ option to display it to everyone else. You can also take help from Ace My Course.

You can also make a course private for a single term, but this isn’t recommended. Hide courses so that students don’t see them on the course list will only affect the course list.

The option to make your course private can be found in the Course Settings page. To hide a course, click on its three dots and choose ‘Hide Course’. After this, the course is no longer available for registration.

When a course is set to be public during an active term, students can only participate during the specified dates. Otherwise, instructors can choose to automatically set the course to a read-only state, which prevents students from posting assignments, replying to discussions, and taking quizzes.

This option is not available if the course is not enabled for course self-enrollment. If the term dates are not specified, Canvas will default to the start and end dates set by the admin. AceMyCourse.net provides high-quality help with all types of academic work.

In Course View, you can see all the courses that you have completed and are currently enrolled in. The course cards contain up to four icons, which represent Announcements, Discussions, Assignments, and Files. The icons are controlled by the instructor

. The number of new activity items in the Discussions and Announcements icon changes according to the course term. The icons also sync with their colors in the Calendar. You can remove a course from your favorites by clicking its icon.

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